Welcome to The Business Of Therapy Made Simple, my 12 week group program designed to elevate your business to the next level or if you are just starting out, to rocket you out of the starting blocks!

Its utterly amazing that as therapists we arrive out into the world with our shiny therapy certificates and somehow we are meant to magically know how to turn that knowledge into an income generating business! The fact that its impossible to know what you have never been taught means that therapists are either giving up because its become an expensive hobby, or struggling and making no where near as much cash as they should be! Well no more!

Having been a therapist for over 20 years, and owner of practices both in the UK and abroad as well as running a mobile business, I have learnt an awful bloody lot and also been privileged to have had, and continue to have, a very fulfilling career as a therapist.

I have made some massive cock ups, some great business decisions, taken a few gambles, invested in thousands of pounds of learning that you now get to learn from!

Introducing my signature system The P.R.O.F.I.T Formula.

Designed to give you everything you need to get you visible to the clients and patients who right now are struggling and who need to know YOU exist!


One of the biggest hurdles that comes up time and time again is TRULY knowing who your target audience is! Who are those dream clients you are trying to attract? Lets talk connections!

R is for REFLECT  Your Message!

Lets get your branding clear, whats your message, what do you want to be known for? Its way more than a pretty logo!

O is for OWN  Your Worth!

The amount of discussions I have around pricing is incredible! Lets get your pricing sorted and your mindset around money working abundantly! Why invest in all your training and all your set up and then charge crappy fees that can’t support you at all! Honestly this one is a game changer!

F is for FIND your People!

Where are they and how can you find them……more importantly how can they find YOU! This is all about creating an amazing marketing strategy to set you apart from all around you and make you THE ‘go to’ person in your field of expertise! Let get you visible!

I is for INCOME ceiling smashed!

So lets face it, us therapists are known for working 1-1, but what if there were other ways to earn money that don’t make you trade time for money, allow you to create passive or semi passive income and bust through that income ceiling so that your income is limitless?

T is for THINK big!

This is where it gets really fun and once you have all that knowledge behind you the world really is your oyster and the goals you can set yourself are mind blowing!


Nikki has been through the journey of changing careers and building a successful therapy business, so she knows what she is talking about. She will leave you feeling enthusiastic, motivated and well equipped for success.


I always left the session feeling excited and positive about my business. My brain would be buzzing with new ideas. I learned a great deal in a short amount of time and would definitely look to do more training with Nikki in the future

Every 2 weeks we will get together for a LIVE zoom training session, working our way through each of the steps of THE PROFIT FORMULA. If you are unable to attend live, it will be recorded for you to access whenever you are able to watch it. I will provide worksheets, goals, tasks and the most important…..accountability!

We will spend the whole 12 weeks together in a private Facebook group just for members of this training.

This will allow you to have access to me to ask questions and get support from me and from your fellow students!

There will also be some wonderful and exciting bonuses available too!

The Business Of Therapy Made Simple, will give you everything you need to know, to start filling your diaries with your dream clients!

I will give you all the tools you need, so that you can get out there and smash it!

The investment in this amazing 12 week program is


(Bonus saving of £64 if you pay in full!)


£187.00 /pm x3

3 Monthly Payments. Total of £561